Tech-Spark provides opportunities for its members to stand out and present their own session to the community. The Tech-Spark leadership team is available to help improve your speaking and presentation skills.

Event Options

Over the last years Tech-Spark delivered sessions in a variety of formats, these include:

Full session

An entire session of around 1.5 hours of deep technical knowledge and experience.

Half session

Two 45 minute sessions by different speakers combined together to provide an in-depth understanding of related subjects.

Quarter session

Four 20 minute sessions by different speakers combined together to provide teasers on diverse subjects.


We are proud of all our Speakers and the Presentations delivered, so we need to make sure that each Presentation has all the technical foundations and real-life insight that our community expects from us. There are three phases to each Event:

Phase 1: The Idea

To present your own session at a Tech-Spark event, we would like to get to know you and your idea. As a speaker you need to:
  • Select a topic and create a short description of your presentation (let us know if you’ll include a demo or a hands-on lab)
  • Create a description about you (and your relation with the topic selected)
  • List your availability for the presentation and the Event Option of your choice
  • The speaker can also propose sponsors for your presentation, like the company employing him/her.
  • Send an email to [email protected]
The Tech-Spark team will review your submission and reply with any further clarifications that might be needed.

Phase 2: The Hand-Shake

Once the event is agreed on, the Tech-Spark team will propose a date for the event, and in case of combined sessions, mediate between all speakers involved. From your end, as a speaker you need to:
  • Create the Presentation
  • Submit the presentation for review at least 15 days before the event date
The Tech-Spark team will give feedback on your presentation as appropriate, will take care of creating an event banner, and start marketing the event. A Tech-Spark branded slide with banner and sponsors will be supplied for you to include as the first slide of your presentation.

Phase 3: The Presentation

On the Event Day:
  • The speaker is required to be on site at least 45 minutes before the Event start time to set up and relax with a cup of coffee or tea before the event starts.
  • Photos will be taken during the event, and together with your presentation, they will published on the website and Tech-Spark’s social media.
  • Your presentation will be made available for reference purposes to the community.
  • Finally, a last photo will be taken with the Tech-Spark team, and we’ll call it a day!
We are looking forward to meet our new Speakers!


Speaking at Tech-Spark not only helps the community increase the knowledge about IT and the services available, but it also has it’s hidden benefits. It will improve your presentation skills and increase your visibility in the IT Community.