Become a sponsor and help the Tech-Spark leadership team to provide quality information sessions and networking opportunities. Past events were mainly presentations and demonstrations which usually sit between 50 and 100 persons, with smaller groups for hands-on workshops.

As a user group, Tech-Spark does not collect funds and thus accepts personal and corporate sponsors as in-kind contributions. Sponsor are kindly asked to handle payments directly with the supplying parties.

Sponsor Benefits

Increase your brand awareness and extend your reach to the community by sponsoring Tech-Spark and reap the benefits below:


Event sponsors are publicised together with the event. This usually includes mailers sent out to the community, event descriptions, social media sharing, and any other promotion.


An event banner will be created with the sponsor’s logo and will be included in an event page created on this website and attendance registration software. The sponsor’s logo will also be added to this page in chronological order and displayed on the site’s front page during event countdown.


Event sponsors are given the possibility to deliver a short 5 minute opening presentation at event kick off. This should be related to the topic with the aim to augment the event. Direct marketing and poaching are not permitted but a company banner pull-up may be set up on stage.

Sponsor Contributions

Below are the contributions you can make as a sponsor to the Tech-Spark community while benefiting from the above:

Event Venue

A venue at which an event can take place. This could be at your corporate office or even at a hotel meeting room. Equipment required include: Free WiFi; Presentation Desk; Projector; PA system (desirable); and Tables (for workshops).

Event Refreshments

Light refreshments are supplied either mid-session, in between smaller sessions, or at the end of the event with the aim to provide networking opportunities and room for discussion about the topic(s) being presented.

Event Parking

Most venues do not provide free public parking, and thus parking vouchers are provided to attendees at a nearby parking facility to ensure that events are entirely free.


Apart from event expenses, running Tech-Spark also incurs a number of expenses, including: web-hosting, domain name registration, mailing subscriptions, business cards, and banners amongst others.

Event Speaker

Companies who employ local talent or fly subject experts to Malta to work on specific projects tend to lend the expert to the community to provide a session in their area of expertise.


Who doesn’t like going home with a bag of free merchandise? Do you have branded coffee jars, stress balls, pen drives, or other fashionable merchandise? Event attendees will definitely enjoy taking them home!


Partnerships are available to companies who would like to become a permanent sponsor for a specified number of events or a prolonged period of time for any (or all) of the above contributions.

Current Sponsors

Past Sponsors