Data Driven: Live from New York – 10th March 2016

Call for interest

Tech-Spark community has gone through a long journey, organizing several meetings for the technical community that have been well received. It is our commitment to continue improving on the success of the past and provide you with the best possible opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

It is now time for renewal and input of fresh ideas.  We are therefor calling on interested community members to submit their interest to join the tech-spark user group leadership on the board of directors. Those of you interested I kindly ask you to send me an email.

We are also organizing a live stream event from Microsoft CEO and leaders on business intelligence and data strategies. We will also take the opportunity to meet anyone who is interested in joining the user group leadership.


Data Driven: Live from New York

Companies that transform data into intelligent action are outperforming their competitors and will be the businesses of the future.

Join us for a viewing party where we will hear from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft leaders sharing how they and customers are embracing data and building data strategies that create business and industry transformation.

You will get an insider look at new data trends and new analytical technologies such as predictive analytics, enabling new opportunities to create business value and competitive differentiation. With exponential data growth comes new challenges such as data security, application performance, and real-time access to insights. You will see why SQL Server 2016 has become the industry leader and how it can help your organization tackle any data project for any application.

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