Global Azure Bootcamp – 21st April 2018

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A full day event on cloud technologies by Clive Ciappara, Evan Camilleri, Johan Zammit, Matthew Grech, and Ralph Attard. #IoT #ElasticPools #Blockchain #MachineLearning #SqlServer #GDPR

Tech-Spark hosted the Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 event.

Date: Saturday, 21st April 2018
Time: 09:00 to 17:45
Location: Microsoft Innovation Center, Skyparks, Luqa


09:00 Introduction and setting up
09:30 IoT Fundamentals
IoT Hub, Azure IoT Suite, and Time Series Insights
Speaker: Clive Ciappara, Sofware Engineer, Codit
10:45 Azure Elastic Pools
Managing and scaling multiple SQL databases for SaaS applications
Speaker: Evan Camilleri, Chief Software Architect, Smart Technologies Limited
12:00 Blockchain
Building Blockchain Solutions on Azure and how Azure supports existing DLTs
Speaker: Johan Zammit, Founder, Smart Studios
13:00 Lunch and Refreshments
14:00 Machine Learning as a Service
Fundamentals of Machine Learning including deployment models
Speaker: Matthew Grech, Data Scientist, Netrefer
15:15 MS SQL Platform & GDPR
Introducing SQL Information Protection & related technologies
Speaker: Ralph Attard, Solutions Architect, Gaming Innovation Group
16:30 Closure


IoT Fundamentals – Clive Ciappara

The IoT session will cover the fundamentals of using IoT on Microsoft Azure. Initially we will cover What is IoT, Why use it and we’ll have some Real World IoT solutions. Then we will delve into Microsoft Azure and start exploring IoT related features, including IoT Hub, Device Twins, Azure IoT Suite, and Time Series Insights. 

During the demo, we’ll setup an IoT Hub, provision Real and Simulated Devices using Azure IoT Suite and sending Telemetry data back to IoT Hub. Finally we will visualize all the data received from your device on Time Series Insights 

Azure Elastic Pools – Evan Camilleri

This Managing and scaling multiple SQL databases for SaaS applications session covers databases as a SaaS. Starting from Standalone Azure SQL DBs, elastic database pools for scale, vertical partitioning, horizontal partitioning (shards), Elastic Jobs, External Tables, Synonyms, and Shard Sets.

Blockchain On Azure – Johan Zammit

Blockchain is the currently the hottest tech buzzword. Yet is it just hype or is it that fundamental piece of tech that will it truly change the world we live in, much like the internet did 25 years ago? 

This session will initially explain the fundamentals of blockchain and how it enables a new breed of business models. 

Then we will then delve into how you can have a blockchain app on Azure, followed by a demo. 

We will see how Microsoft is working on enabling Azure support to a number of DLTs including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Quorum and Chain Core. We’ll see how Azure offers easy-to-deploy templates for these ledgers. 

More importantly we will see how Microsoft is integrating these DLTs to the existing rich Azure ecosystem to enable the building of truly scalable, distributed enterprise applications. 

Finally we will learn what Project Bletchley, cryptlets, Microsoft Coco Framework and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) on Azure refer to. 

Machine Learning as a Service – Matthew Grech

Machine Learning is the science of making computers to learn from past data and provide valuable insights and predictions, through pattern recognition techniques. Due to recent technological advancements, companies are now able to learn from data, using machine learning techniques, instead of using traditional approaches, where insights would be based on fixed and predetermined rules.   

The ability to learn from previous computations, through various algorithms, to produce reliable results, increased the interest of this computer science field in all sectors of the industry. Machine learning is currently being used practically everywhere, from financial services, health care and marketing to self-driving cars. 

In this session, we will cover the fundamentals of machine learning, how to build a machine learning model from scratch and how to deploy it using Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) architecture.

MS SQL Platform & GDPR – Ralph Attard

Introducing SQL IP (SQL Information Protection) as a means to discover, classify, monitor, and audit potentially sensitive data. Announced in February 2018, it is available both on-prem and Azure SQL Databases. Additional features will be rolled-out over the coming months. 

This ties in well with other technologies used to enhance privacy and address GDPR requirements within the Microsoft SQL platform. Last year’s bootcamp covered Always Encrypted, Row-Level Security, and Dynamic Data Masking. Apart from SQL IP, this year’s bootcamp will also explore SQL Database Auditing, and SQL Threat Detection. 

Event organised by Tech-Spark, venue and parking by Microsoft Innovation Center Malta, lunch provided by SUBWAY, license giveaway by RevDeBug, and subscriptions giveaway by cerebrata and obsgility.





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