Micro Services & The Business Implications – 12th November 2019

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Tech-Spark presented a session discussing Micro Services and the Business Implications by Jonathan Gauci – Senior Vice President of Engineering at Gaming Innovation Group. A hands-on demonstration was performed by Christopher Demicoli and Shaun Tabone – Enterprise Architects at Gaming Innovation Group.

In a world wide web of constantly changing regulations and a global competitive landscape, where quality and cost efficiency are a non-negotiable requirement, moving away from project based monolithic philosophy approach to a product, is now a must for most businesses.

Micro services, is a term overused and abused in reference during meetings and hyped by CTOs and developers alike, and hastily hailed by many as the solution to all software development pains. Not all software applications require a micro services architecture and many of those that forged ahead failed in their quest of a low cost, highly flexible and maintainable utopian production environment. 

There is no precise definition of what a micro services architecture is. Certain organisational characteristics, endpoint design complexity, automated deployment, automated testing, decentralized control of flow of information, and development rigor are among the requirements needed to effectively produce and manage such a complex architecture.

In this session we will discuss how micro services is not a technology, but rather a philosophy that needs supporting frameworks, such as delivery in increments using SCRUM, containerization technologies such as Kubernetes, and complex build and deployment pipelines.

Event sponsored by Microsoft Innovation Center and Gaming Innovation Group.

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