The Elastic Stack: Exploring Search, Observability and Security Analytics – 26th November 2019

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Tech-Spark presented a technical session on The Elastic Stack: Exploring Search, Observability and Security Analytics by James Spiteri – Solutions Architect and Cyber Security Specialist Global Solutions Lead at Elastic.

See the vision behind changes coming to Elastic products, from new features and solutions to what’s to come after joining forces with endpoint security company Endgame. Hear directly from the creators of the Elastic Stack on the future of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash and the evolving solutions landscape:

Take the operational visibility of your services and applications to the next level by bringing your logs, infrastructure metrics, APM, and uptime monitoring data under one roof.  Learn how Elasticsearch efficiently combines these types of data in a single store and see how Kibana is used to analyze it. See how recent developments like Metrics Explorer, streaming log tailing, support for distributed tracing in APM, and integration with Prometheus help you identify, troubleshoot, and resolve operational issues faster.

How does your organization detect and respond to cyber threats? Learn how the latest security capabilities in the Elastic Stack enables interactive exploration and automated analysis — all at the speed and scale your security practitioners need to defend your organisation.

Event sponsored by Microsoft Innovation Center and Elastic.

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