Microservices Workshop with Azure Kubernetes – 18th January 2020

Microservices Workshop with AKS: Kostantinos
Microservices Workshop with AKS: Vaggelis
Microservices Workshop with AKS: Nikolaos
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Tech-Spark presented its first event for 2000, from zero to hero: Microservices Workshop with Azure Kubernetes. The below Microsoft employees facilitated this workshop:

This hands-on workshop was designed for people wanting to learn Kubernetes from the basics to deploying a real working application using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Attendees worked through a practical example of deploying a working microservices application to a Kubernetes cluster using AKS. The microservices application was built using various open source technologies such as Angular, Node.JS, Express and MongoDB. A private container registry will be used and network access were configured to combine a number of microservices into a working end-to-end scalable application.

Application Overview

A customer-facing order placement and fulfillment application that is containerized and is architected for a microservice implementation.

The application consisted of 3 components and was based on the Azure Kubernetes Workshop as follows:

  • A public facing Order Capture swagger enabled API
  • A public facing frontend
  • A MongoDB database

Event sponsored by Microsoft Innovation Center and Microsoft.

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